This is a land of mysteries, magics and fantasies.In the beginning, beings from different factions and races co-existed peacefully. However, the peace was short-lived. A war has already begun in the shadow, creatures of different origins fought to claim their dominance of the land. Now, many millennia later, the conflict continues. A new era draws near… The Aeon of Chaos.


The new-born civilization of the land. Primitive and benighted, they have just discovered the power of magic and begun their expedition to explore and conquer.


The primal residents of the land. Through millennia of natural evolution, monsters have started to wield the power of magic. Some are tamed by humans to aid their expedition, while others maintained their wildness.


Mysterious creatures discovered in the ruins. Robots were speculated to be the remains of a prehistoric civilization. Their makers remain unknown, but their one-eyed design suggested they are not made by humans.


Build your army from various units

Select your formations and deploy units round by round

Purchase powerful upgrades during battle

Intensify the battle as the game advances

Destroy the enemy castle to win!

Collect, command and conquer!